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Happy Hour & Specials - Columbia

Fire Bites
These spicy battered slices of green and red jalapen~o peppers are sure to light your fire! Served with cool ranch for dipping.
Cheddar Bacon Tots7.99
Crispy fried tots smothered with cheddar cheese and topped with crispy bacon bits and a dollop of sour cream.
Crabby Skins
Sliced‎ potatoes topped with our creamy crab dip, melted cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses. Finished with a dusting of Old Bay and a dollop of sour cream.
Pear Apple Salad12.99
A blend of crisp romaine lettuce and tender spinach topped with freshly roasted turkey, sliced granny smith apples and pears, sunflower crackers, candied pecans and crumbled bleu cheese. Served with our apple cider vinaigrette dressing.
Big Bad Wolf
A‎ monstrous combination of pulled pork, honey ham, bacon and our fall off the bone rib meat. Piled high on a toasted Kaiser roll with melted provolone cheese, sliced pickles and our smokey Texas Barbeque sauce. Served with Stable Fries.
Little Red Riding Hood
Pieces of our fall off the bone rib meat with melted Swiss and Monterey Jack cheeses. Topped with crispy fried onion straws on toasted ciabatta bread and our stable onion sauce. Served with Yukon Gold potato chips.
Chicken Cordon Bleu Salad
Grilled chicken breast and honey ham topped with melted Swiss cheese. Served on a bed of romaine lettuce with shredded carrots, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes and seasoned croutons. Great with our honey mustard or apple cider vinaigrette dressing.
Fiery Texas Burger
Our half pound burger smothered with our homemade mac n cheese, then topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese, crispy fried jalapen~o bites and our smokey Texas barbeque sauce on a gourmet roll. Served with our homemade cole slaw.
Pilgrim Sandwich
Sliced‎ roasted turkey breast topped with melted provolone cheese, bacon, and sliced granny smith apples on a toasted multi grain artisan ciabatta with mayonnaise and a cranberry spread.
Bruschetta Chicken15.99
Tuscan‎ marinated grilled chicken breasts covered with a house made tomato bruschetta topping and shaved parmesan cheese. Served with green beans and wild grain rice.